1. A new Cub Scout starting in fall will pay about $350 in BSA fees and Pack dues total. If a family is struggling to pay for dues, they can request a needs based Campership with a handwritten and signed letter. 
  2. Scouts BSA is a nonprofit organization and all volunteer. All moneys collected flow back to the scouts as awards and program costs.
  3. Dues pay for awards and many activities. 
  4. Fundraising is always elective and designated for a specific purpose, e.g. paying for summer camp for Scouts heading to the Troop (Middle/High school program). There is requirement to participate in fundraising. 


Costs for scouting can be broken down into three categories: dues (must be paid up front for the year), uniform (can be obtained within the first few months of joining) and activities (all are optional). We work hard to provide both no and low cost events. Specific activity costs can be found in our Pack Store. Note that our campouts include meals, snacks, and desserts. 

Once you submit your membership payment through the website, you no longer pay to any organization other than Pack 285. The Pack collects dues and makes payments on your behalf every November for the January through December calendar year to keep your Scout’s BSA membership active. 


Pack 285 charges membership dues per school year, August – July. Dues pay for patches, pins, awards, swag, Lock-Ins, Pinewood Derbies, special events, adult volunteer background checks, and the Pack 285 Campership (scholarship) program. Dues also pay for BSA membership, group insurance for meeting and camping activities, BSA campsites, 6 of which are within the Tampa Bay area, software and website services, training, and more.

  • 4 types of dues:
    • 1. Returning Scouts (August – July). Pack dues only.
    • New 1st Semester School Year Scouts (August – July). BSA application fee paid online and Pack dues , 1st Semester option (includes Class B t-shirt)
    • New 2nd Semester School Year Scouts (January – July), BSA application fee paid online and Pack dues, 2nd Semester option (includes Class B t-shirt)
    • New Spring or Summer Scouts (Marcy – July), this is a gap membership for Cubs only between mid-Spring semester and Fall semester (includes Class B t-shirt). This gap membership does NOT provide awards. These Scouts become New 1st Semester School Year Scouts in August and submit their BSA application. 


Pack 285 requires a minimum uniform: shirt, neckerchief, and if K-3, a belt. Lion (Kindergarten) uniform shirt is the green Class B t-shirt. Kindergarteners / Lions do NOT need to buy the neckerchief as it is earned through the program. Scouts swap their neckerchiefs at our Promotion Celebration in the Spring for the next rank. 
The uniform is an important part of making the program work for your scout. Uniforms typically only need to be purchased once over a scout’s entire Cub Scout program from grades 1-5, and once or twice for grades 6-12. When buying a uniform, buy blue through grade 3, then buy tan starting in grade 4. Uniforms can be worn until they are outgrown.  
We encourage you to get a uniform quickly. In the meantime, scouts should wear their Class B t-shirt. Note that uniform shirts make great end of year holiday gifts if you’d like to spread out the up front costs.