1. Scouting as an extracurricular is one of the most affordable. Pack 285 pricing is medium to low compared to area Packs at $16 to $13 per month (new / returning). 
  2. The Pack is a nonprofit organization and all volunteer. All moneys collected flow back to the scouts as awards and program costs.
  3. Dues pay for awards. A scout that is not current with their dues WILL NOT receive awards at Pack meetings. If a family is struggling to pay for dues, they can request a Campership in writing to cover their Scout dues.
  4. There is no payment plan. If you need a payment plan after your first year, you can craft your own. Submit payments on your own timetable to the Pack 285 Store under ‘Miscellaneous payment’ and post a note stating which Scout should receive credit. Pay the full amount before the 31st of August and you are set. For example, 3 payments of $50 in June, July, and August would satisfy dues for 1 Scout.  


Costs include three things: dues, uniform, book, and campouts. The dues, uniform, and book cost about $250 combined. The uniform cost is a 1x cost. Campouts are optional, economical, and enriching. Campouts cost between $10 – 30 per person depending on the site and activities and usually includes a meal plan (Meals and snacks for 1.5 days) 

The Pack 285 Store handles payments and provides easier access to uniforms and books.


Pack 285 charges membership dues per school year, August – July. Dues pay for patches, pins, awards, Cub swag, Lock-Ins, Pinewood Derbies, special events, adult volunteer background checks, and a small Pack 285 Campership program. Dues also pay for group insurance for meeting and camping activities, BSA campsites, 6 of which are within the Tampa Bay area, software and website services, training, and more.

  • Returning Scouts – $150
  • New 1st Semester School Year Scouts – $150 (includes Pack t-shirt, camp cup), plus BSA application fee paid online
  • New 2nd Semester School Year Scouts – $65 (includes Pack t-shirt, camp cup), plus BSA application fee paid online


Pack 285 requires a minimum uniform: shirt, neckerchief, belt. The uniform is an important part of making the program work for your scout. Uniforms typically only need to be purchased once over a scout’s entire Cub Scout program from grades 1-5. The kindergarten uniform is about $30. All other grades cost about $80 (as of February, 2019).
While we highly encourage you to get a uniform quickly, they can be purchased in pieces over time to help with costs. In the meantime, scouts should wear their Pack t-shirt. Scouts may purchase a new book for each year, but is not required. The books cost about $10-$17.