All gatherings are exclusively outdoor during COVID-19


6+ feet of distance is required between unmasked parties 


Masks are required by all attendees age 3+ 

Family Camping

Wearing a mask 24 hours a day in the woods isn’t practical. We’ve crafted a plan to keep us safe on extended visits with large groups.

Camping Bubbles

Council-Wide Safety Measures

We pitch tents, eat, and adventure together at campouts. To do this safely, we have a retooled Meal Plan and camp activity line up to be family focused, rather than den focused.

Each ‘bubble’ is defined by those who live together or have merged social activities in a pod, or bubble, for COVID-19. 

We’ve increased our camping appetite by 50% because that activity is deemed safer than grocery shopping by medical experts.

Event Bubbles

Our Calendar uses all COVID-19 conservative activities. The Pinewood Derby this January is going to be held outdoors.

Families and ‘bubbles’ will not have to social distance from one another, but will have to distance from other bubbles. All adults are asked to be vigilant to remind Cub Scouts and siblings to check masks and their distance with airplane arms. 

Special Events

Events like our Pinewood Derby have been retooled. Others, like our Raingutter Regatta which uses breath to propel boats, have been shelved.

Outdoor Meetings

Bring your lawn chairs or blankets, masks, and water bottles.

Masked Meetings

Weekly meetings will continue outdoors, and are regularly concluded with soccer and footballs. Masking and social distancing is required.

We plan to maintain our Tuesday night 6:30pm meeting time until it is too dark to do so. We’ll adapt den by den as to alternate times/locations that works for everyone.